Do you like Cousa Mihshe as much as you like Fish and Chips? Are you curently residing in two cultral hemisphers, walking a fine line between what is and is not ok with your teta or mama or any other family member, community or country?
Do you belong to your own cultural party, mixing and matching the best bits of life's mojo juice ? Is your Arabic a bit pigeon but full of good intentions?

If you ancwered yes to one or more of these questions chances are, it's safe to keep reading and you fnd its your perfect cup of tea, or Nescafe ma Halib

Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Goodbye London...

A few days till I leave for what feels like an age.

My love/hate relationship with Old Blighty & lovley London is almost at an end and the imminent departure feels bitter sweet. I will miss the vibrant ‘Britishness’ of it all, the queuing, the transport bedlam, the long walks in the rambling Essex country side that I always pretend to hate but secretly love doing in near silence, walking besides the man who makes my heart sing.

I will miss the calm of living so anonymously and almost invisibly amongst a sea of people I will never ever see again. My taste buds will always think fondly of High teas in Devon to Dim sum in China Town, & Turkish delights in green lanes.

Yet of all the things that I hold dear it will be my dearest most wonderful friends that I will miss wholeheartedly as I head off to the desert winds and start the next chapter of my life. Impending adventures away from the wisdom of those incredible people that helped me form a better understanding of myself will be a strange challenge and I can only hope that the love I feel for them will continue to light up our communications via other modes.

Thank goodness for skype, for phones, for texts for tweets and even Facebook deserves a mention or an accolade for making it easier to feel the pulse ( all be it electronically) of those I love. Will look forward to finding out if distace truly makes the heart grow fonder or is it... makes the heart go wonder...Either way, its Good bye London, Hello Arabia

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well did you know...

well did you know...
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list of all the things a part time arab my worry about

  • to que or not que ... that is the question
  • how do I say....
  • how manny cousins do I have?
  • should one say Bleease or Please when in the motherland?
  • not being Arabic enough
  • being too Arabic